A loop at home? Yes! And here’s how

Note that we’ve updated Lou’s how-to guide November 5, 2018.


We’ve shared lots of information about hearing loops in public venues, but people with hearing loss should be aware that loops can be a tremendous help in the home, too.

A loop can work through your television so that you can hear clearly without the volume becoming too loud for others in the room. Family and friends can comfortably enjoy a movie or show with you.

room loop illustration

You can also connect a loop to a wireless microphone to help communicate with friends, family, and guests in your home.

If a room is designed in a way that loop wire can’t be installed, loop pads (also called “chair pads”) can be placed under a chair or can even be used when traveling.

chair pad

Longtime hearing loss advocate Loopin’ Lou Touchette has created an excellent home loop guide, updated in November 2018, with more details.

Consider a loop for your home, and as…

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